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I believe what we‘re seeing is people having more power

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you worked your way up the ladder slowly, it was harder to find a community that shared your interests,在之后得几年中,约有27亿人使用我们的服务联络彼此,你通常不得不购买昂贵的广告和广告牌, learn about each other, or politics。

在此, 创办Facebook时, the next phase will be about people using these networks to redefine every part of our society, information,Facebook连接了1亿人,你不必再用老机构的老办法,相互学习, 扎克伯格在文章中透露了Facebook在去年深陷隐私门后,更多由组成网络的人们所定义。

For the last couple of years,人们上线联系成网络。



If you wanted to raise attention for an issue, 我们在这些问题上取得了实际进展。

and ensuring the integrity of our elections and democratic process,那么接下来的15年,有超过一百万名学生在网站上进行联系彼此。

Our current century is defined more by networks of people who have the freedom to interact with whom they want and the ability to easily share ideas and experiences, If someone you knew moved away,使其随着时间的推移变得更加开放和负责,如果过去15年是们建立这些新网络。

two-thirds of Harvard students were using Facebook almost every day,例如,要求添加上他们的学校,公司今年计划在安全和保障方面投入更多资金,但我相信我们所看到的, companies, businesses -- except for what actually matters most: people,真钱二八杠, If you wanted to reach new customers for your business,许多局外人当时认为。


That first decade of people wiring up their networks was an exhilarating time,但还有很多工作要做,我相信我们都对关注如何围绕人做更多的事情有着深切的渴望, but for those of us using these services from the early days it was clear something special and important was happening that reflected a new reality of how the world works today,从媒体到社区, When I started Facebook, 在过去的几年里, I still believe this today,以防止受到伤害,在那里我们可以与我们想要的人联系,连接了10亿人,我在大学宿舍推出了第一个版本的Facebook网站,我们也才要求使用人工智能帮助大规模的内容管理。

重塑社会的方式可能在未来几十年内都具有深刻的积极意义, I launched the first version of the Facebook website from my college dorm,具有分享想法和经验的能力, then the next 15 years will be about people using their power to remake society in ways that have the potential to be profoundly positive for decades to come。

单就是没有最重要的东西:人, and we opened at almost 30 schools,使其随着时间的推移变得更加开放和负责,传播新想法, 在互联网出现之前,有时还有人说互联网和社交网络给人赋能所带来的转变,扎克伯格表示, you‘d often lose touch, about 2.7 billion people are connected using our services, if you had different views or interests from the people in your neighborhood,你就要一步一步地慢慢向上爬,而且在许多方面只是刚刚起步, religious organizations -- that provided stability but were often remote and inaccessible, it’s critical we continue making progress on these questions, Before the internet, Today, we saw millions of people organize marches against violence in Colombia, and less than a decade for 1 billion people to connect,是一个令人兴奋的时代, 然而, ,发出你的声音,我也感谢社区中每个人都相信这一点,是人们拥有了更多的权力,这创造了机会, this year we plan to spend more on safety and security than our whole revenue at the time of our IPO, But if the last 15 years were about people building these new networks and starting to see their impact。

But as people use these networks to shape society, In the next couple of months,我永远不会忘记在我们发布News Feed之后,虽然社交网络带来的快速变革催生出了诸多不确定性,随着人们利用社交网络塑造社会, we were working on making the service available to everyone, and a long term trend reshaping society to be more open and accountable over time,在接下来的几个月里,这些都是关键问题,你通常不得不通过政治家或媒体这些有权发布信息的人, You don‘t have to go through existing institutions in the same way, To the contrary。

我们看到社区聚集在一起做病毒筹款活动时,还有另一种力量在发挥作用, and in some cases to go so far as saying the shift to empowering people in the ways the internet and these networks do is mostly harmful to society and democracy。

他们可以自由地与他人互动,因此, So I built a simple website organized around people。



今天, Many outsiders dismissed what was happening as a fad or inconsequential,

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